The LOVE Charm Bracelet Set includes the following items:

  • LOVE Charm (Silver)
  • ”The Alpha" Charm (Silver)
  • Silver Soror Charm
  • 2 White “Precious Pearls” Charms
  • Jericho Charm Bracelet (Pink/Green Striped)



LOVE, “The Alpha” and Silver Soror Charms: 14K White Gold-Plated Sterling Silver

Precious Pearl Charms and Jericho Charm Bracelet: Sterling Silver



Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Cubic Zirconia


Retail Value is $534

LOVE Charm Bracelet Set

  • Sizing Guide: To choose the best size Jericho Bracelet, we suggest that you take your tight wrist measurement and add .7 - 1.0 inch to the measurement. It’s a matter of personal preference based upon whether you like a loose or close fit and how many charms you plan to add to your bracelet.